Omm launch recap

3 min readSep 8, 2021

Read this post on the Omm blog.

Omm has now been live for 2 weeks. If you missed our updates on Twitter, here are some of the milestones we’ve already celebrated:

OMM distribution

Omm Tokens were available to claim and trade from August 31, and 3 pools were opened on Balanced — OMM/sICX, OMM/IUSDC, and OMM/USDS.

The new pool listings caused Balanced to record all-time highs for both users and transactions. Now that’s what we call synergy.

Marketing efforts

In addition to the daily Twitter threads, here are some of the actions that have already been taken to draw attention to Omm. Of course, this is just the beginning.

Press release

On launch day, the news was picked up and published by more than 25 different publications, including Yahoo Finance, Financial Post, and TechStartups.

As Omm is a DAO, anyone can try to publish articles for publication. If you’d like more details about the impact of this press release, check out the release report.

Dapp listings

Omm was listed on and State of the DApps within 24 hours.

The listing has provided many useful insights. For the last few days, Omm’s 24 hour transactions and users have been enough to rank it in the top 10 DeFi apps, and top 3 for ICON apps. It even beat Balanced for the number 1 spot on several occasions.

And to date, 3,700 people have used Omm.

Now for the best news: OMM is on CoinMarketCap. Thanks to the Balanced team for laying the groundwork to make a listing possible so early on.

Omm community airdrop

The airdrop has been active for just over a week, and so far the response has been incredible. It caused the largest spike in website traffic we’ve seen yet, with more than 12,000 new visitors. Since August 31, the airdrop page has been visited more than 72,000 times.

The airdrop for Aave/Compound users had enough for 1,600 claims, and ran out within the first few hours.

If you qualify for the Balanced liquidity provider, active voter, or Omm community member airdrops, make sure you complete the tasks and claim your airdrop from before September 25.

Airdrip for ICX holders

If your ICX is staked, and you’ve used it to vote for ICON P-Reps, you qualify for a weekly airdrip of Omm Tokens. The airdrip started this week, and will be reset between 6–7am UTC every Monday.

Head over to and claim your weekly airdrip using ICONex, Hana, a Ledger, or through MyIconWallet on mobile.

If you’ve staked ICX through ICONFi, you’ll automatically receive OMM each week, just as you do with BALN.

Omm community

The Omm DAO is getting into full swing, with the Discord community growing by the hour. For DeFi education sessions, governance discussions, product support, and general community chatter, come join us:

What’s next?

The early contributors met earlier today to regroup post-launch and discuss next steps. At the top of the list is dark mode, which is awaiting final implementation:

Next up is additional governance functionality: the ability to discuss, propose, and vote on changes to the Omm protocol, including which markets to add and how to spend the DAO fund.

Thanks to everyone who’s used Omm so far, and contributed to its early success. If you want to get more involved in the Omm community, join us on Discord.




A money market where anyone can lend and borrow assets, earn interest, and earn OMM for doing so. Coming soon to the ICON Network.