Roadmap update | November 2021

  • Created a custom blog
  • Enacted changes in preparation for the ICE airdrop based on OIP1 and OIP2
  • Listed a Balanced Dollars market based on OIP3
  • Prepared for the ICON 2.0 upgrade
  • Tested all the smart contracts on the Sejong testnet
  • Open-sourced the Omm smart contract and front-end repositories
  • Fixed some bugs around markets and governance
  • Refactored the Home page to be more efficient

Custom blog

ICE airdrop preparation

Balanced Dollars market

The interest rates for the Balanced Dollars market.
The rate of interest + Omm Tokens for the Balanced Dollars market.
The rate you’ll earn for borrowing Balanced Dollars on Balanced, which costs a 0.75% fee.

What’s next in November

  • Complete dark mode
  • Create contribution and brand guides for the community
  • Begin publishing regular content from the Omm blog
  • Publish a ‘How it works’ page for the website
  • Which assets should be added to Omm
  • What should be done with the protocol fees
  • Whether the boosted BALN model makes sense for Omm



A money market where anyone can lend and borrow assets, earn interest, and earn OMM for doing so. Coming soon to the ICON Network.

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